The making of a tile fish


This is the adult model of the playdoh machine.

It blends and takes air out of the clay and it

extrudes out a log of clay and is ready to

be pressed in to the fish mold.

Here is the tile fish mold and a log of clay

plus some of the tools which we will

use during the process.

We have now pressed the clay into the mold.

Next, we have trimmed off the excess clay

and smoothed the surface.

In this picture, we have outlined the fish.

Now the back side of the fish has been

hollowed out in order to make the fish

lighter and enable us to place hangers

on the back. Also, here are some of the

tool we use.

The fish has been turned out of the mold.

The excess clay is trimmed away from the

outline of the fish.

Geoffrey is inserting dried clay shaped like

teeth into the mouth which is very soft and

pliable at this point.

Finishing off the inserting of the teeth.

The end of the first phase in production. We

will let it dry until all the moisture is gone.

When it is dry, we sign, date and number

each fish. Then we start the process of glazing.

This will be shown on another page called "Glazing

of the tile fish".